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Test the Quality of the Fruit

Easy, fast and portable test designed for testing fruit and fruit products rich in polyphenol content. It is designed for juice manufacturers and fruit farmers.

Easy to use

Anyone can use the test.


Test the fruit or fruit products anywhere you want (a field, a shop, a wholesaler’s).

Quick and inexpensive

An alternative to expensive and time-consuming laboratory tests.

Thanks to SmartBerries you will...

Assess quality

You will be able to assess the quality of raw fruit right before purchase.

Rate the product

You will be able to rate your final product and the products of the competition.

Harvest at the best time

You will be able to choose the optimal moment for the harvest.

Convince the client

You will be able to prove to the client that you have the best fruit and fruit products.

How it works?

Four easy steps to test fruit quality.

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The team

Meet the team responsible for creating and developing the SmartBerries test.

Olga Stefaniak

COO – sales and marketing

Dr Katerina Makarova

CEO – data analysis, scientific computing

Dr Katarzyna Zawada

CTO – chemical research & technology

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